Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Security Media Publishing | CCTV Image | CCTV Image Magazine

Security Media Publishing | CCTV Image | CCTV Image Magazine

CCTV Image is the official magazine of the CCTV User Group, an international organisation dedicated to the dessimination of best practice in the operation of CCTV surveillance.

Directory of member companies: The companies listed in this directory are members of the CCTV User Group. Membership indicates that the company subscribes to the ideals of the CCTV User Group, and are committed to upholding the highest standards.

"CCTV Image is without doubt the highest quality publication in the physical security industry in terms of editorial and the targets it reaches. Being the official magazine of the CCTV User Group it is read by the top consultants, manufacturers, resellers and end users of CCTV systems. The magazine also benefits from a truly objective editor in Tom Reeve which helps establish CCTV Image as an authoritative and trusted voice within the industry. For these reasons CCTV Image is an important part of our UK marketing activities." - Ben Hutchins - Marketing Manager - Controlware Comunications

"Just like to say thanks very much for the article in CCTV Image. It looks great - you've really done us proud." - Julie Halliday - Sales & Marketing Manager - SGW Consulting

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