Monday, 1 June 2009


The Video Content Analysis Conference - Europe will be held in June, 2009. The objective of the Conference will be to provide a forum for senior executives, technical managers, and marketing personnel from leading VCA companies to meet with end-users, integrators and other industry players to examine the market potential, technical barriers and new opportunities that video content analysis brings.

With over 35 expert speakers on the agenda, the Conference will offer the ideal opportunity to explore the issues and practical considerations surrounding the commercial roadmap and technical evolution of VCA.

The Conference will be highly interactive, using a mix of keynote lectures, case studies and panel debates. Hence, it will provide both a forum to further industry thinking, and an ideal networking opportunity.

A small Expo will also be integrated into the Conference, which will give exhibitors the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their latest VCA products and technical solutions.

On the Agenda

* What's in store for VCA now and in the near future?
* What are the barriers to the adoption of VCA, and how can they be overcome?
* Retail case studies - lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.
* Enhancing airport security with advanced VCA solutions.
* VCA in business intelligence and its effect on the bottom line.
* Using VCA to monitor and react to customer behavior in the retail and gaming enviroments.
* VCA standards - do we need them or do they slow innovation?
* "Bank of the Future" - Deploying VCA in the banking sector.
* Will VCA revolutionise the collection of marketing data in retail and gaming?
* The manufacturer's perspective - what is on the VCA horizon?
* Analyst Lecture - What are the forecasts for the evolution of VCA?

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