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New CCTV will put criminals in focus - News - Manchester Evening News

New CCTV will put criminals in focus - News - Manchester Evening News

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Big Brother Watch is watching you.

It never fails - you get up in the morning, determined to do some real work, only to find that someone has dropped a spanner in the works.

The spanner in this instance is a “study” by an organisation called Big Brother Watch into the “explosion” in CCTV cameras in this country. It used Freedom of Information Act requests to ask, how many CCTV cameras are controlled by local authorities.

The conclusion? There are “at least 59,753 CCTV cameras controlled by 418 local authorities in Britain, up from 21,000 in 1999”.

The figure is questionable as the CCTV User Group’s own estimates for public space CCTV cameras in the UK is closer to 35,000. And BBW includes 3,376 cameras which are classified as “internal” as opposed to public facing CCTV cameras.

It’s also not known how many of the cameras that councils reported are ones they monitor on a third-party contract basis – ie, the council monitors them but doesn’t own them. Also, not all cameras are used for crime prevention purposes, so some councils may include those cameras in their reported numbers and others may not. Did all councils use the same definitions in reporting their numbers?

The figures for individual councils are interesting and potentially useful but they have to be checked against the CCTV User Group’s own figures before we can attest to their veracity.

The overall figure is one that is certain to be used again and again by the mainstream media and foes of CCTV, but would probably be best filed under the headings of “anecdotal” and “apocryphal” estimates.

In defence

What can we say in defence of CCTV, if in fact these numbers are accurate? I suppose you’d have to say, guilty as charged.

Local authorities have continued to put up CCTV in response to the demands of the electorate. What’s remarkable is that local authorities have found the money to finance more than 40,000 CCTV cameras. If you take an average figure of, say, £15,000 for the installation of a camera (which in some parts of the country would be a modest figure), that means that councils found from various sources something like £600 million to install CCTV over the past decade, or about £60 million a year.

That doesn’t take into account annual operating expenses to keep the control rooms running which can vary, depending on the council, from £250,000 to £2 million a year for the very largest control rooms. If we take an average of £500,000, we get approximately £210 million operating costs (HEALTH WARNING: this is a very rough estimate – clearly, I need to put in my own FOI request!).

Compare that to the annual policing budget in England and Wales of £10 billion, and the investment in CCTV looks quite modest.

Nonetheless, councils are spending money on CCTV. Before the foes of CCTV start crying “waste”, it should be pointed out that your average CCTV control room is more than just a CCTV control room, it provides services for many other socially beneficial functions. If you are going to have operators in the control room 24/7, why not have them monitor social alarms for the elderly and vulnerable, handle out of hours emergency calls and monitor burglar alarms at council buildings.

The real point here is that councils for the most part feel they are getting value for money because otherwise they would decommission it. Yes, councils are free to turn the systems off at any time because they are not a statutory service (at least not yet). The fact that a few councils like Skipton have turned off their small systems is not proof that CCTV is a waste of money but rather that councils could turn the systems off if they wanted to, but the vast majority do not.

Cost effectiveness

If we analyse the cost effectiveness of CCTV systems, we first have to define what we mean by “effective”. If we choose a very narrow definition of effectiveness, we could measure just detections, arrests and assists. If the average CCTV system got credited with just 1,000 of these incidents (a low figure for a 100 camera system) and they have an annual operating budget of £500,000, then we could say each incident cost £500.

Now consider that if you hand that evidence to the police, how much time will that save them in investigating a crime? Certainly more than £500. And some crimes might never be solved without CCTV, for instance the murders of prostitutes in Ipswich in 2006, the investigation of which relied heavily on CCTV images.

As I mentioned already, CCTV control rooms are natural focal points for other vital council services, including Careline and similar schemes which provide a friendly voice on the end of the telephone to thousands of elderly people who otherwise would have to move into care homes. As Peter Webster at Slough pointed out to me in a recent Rooms with a View article, the peak activity levels on Careline calls dovetails very neatly with the troughs in CCTV activity, with the result that his two or three control room operators are kept busy throughout the day and night with these two activities.

The annual spend on local authority CCTV systems pales into insignificance compared to the policing budget of more than £10 billion a year. If we followed BBW’s recommendation and transferred the entire CCTV budget to the police, firstly the police would lose an invaluable source of intelligence which they use on a regular basis and you would only boost policing budgets by a paltry 2.5 per cent.

Not that we can rely on BBW’s use of figures. Its report plays fast and loose with the numbers, citing as an example Staffordshire Moorland’s decision to spend £500,000 on a new CCTV system, money which BBW claims would have funded 22 new police officers. Even if we accept BBW’s cost for a police officer of £22,680 (and that’s disingenuous because that’s the starting salary and doesn’t take into account support and ancillary costs), £500,000 would only fund those officers for one year. What do you do then? Sack them all?

If you take the average lifetime of a CCTV system as being between five and ten years, and factor in 20 per cent ancillary costs to the price of a PC (including pay rises after the first couple of years) and then add in the annual monitoring costs of the system (£20,000), you might get three or four extra officers per year from that money. Given that it takes at least four officers to man a complete 24-hour shift, 365 days a year, the result is precisely one extra officer walking the beat for your investment.

I think that doesn’t hold a candle to the benefits of having 40 CCTV cameras, providing continuous monitoring and recorded evidence at potential crime hotspots. All provided at zero cost to the police - no wonder they love CCTV.

Caught on camera

BBW further states that the quality of footage “is frequently too poor to be used in courts”. I don’t know where he gets this idea from, but according to DCI Mick Neville of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Circulation Unit (which collects and circulates images of suspects caught on CCTV), even the poorest quality images are useful to police investigations. He told me in a recent interview that, according to his research, quality of images is not an issue, and he collects the vast majority of his images from some of the worst CCTV systems in London (namely, privately owned systems, frequently corner shops and pubs and clubs).

BBW says control rooms are rarely manned 24 hours a day. According to CCTV User Group research, that is not the case – almost all large systems are manned continuously, it’s smaller systems that rely on part-time monitoring.

Anyway, what point is BBW trying to make? First it complains about the expense of these systems then it complains that councils aren’t funding continuous monitoring. It seems to me that they are not quite sure what they want from CCTV.

Finally, one last thought for BBW and others who oppose CCTV

Video surveillance is a discretionary function for councils. If you oppose it, why don’t you, as a test case, use the power of democracy and try to convince three councils to decommission it? Take a small town system, a metropolitan borough (outside London) and a London borough and mount campaigns to scrap CCTV. I’m sure you could find local residents to champion your cause. You could provide them with technical and logistical support and see how far you get.

I doubt you would succeed but it would certainly be more effective than your anti-CCTV “Guerrilla Sticker Campaign” – and create less of a blight on the environment!

reprinted from: CCTV IMAGE BLOG

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New standards for the use of CCTV images, as well as new guidance to ensure that police use CCTV images more effectively

The news comes after the Home Office’s own experts found in a series of reports that CCTV was only effective in cutting vehicle crime and has little effect in reducing other offence.

Andy Rennison, the current Forensic Science Regulator, is understood to have been given the task of implementing the 44 recommendations of the two-year old National CCTV Strategy .

The strategy called for the creation of a “basic CCTV infrastructure” while also promoting “CCTV and its expansion by forming evidence-based business cases”.

There has also been frustration that despite the growth of the cameras, they are used only to solve a fraction of crimes. One source said: “Police need to make better use of CCTV evidence - they need a more systematic approach to ID suspects.

David Hanson, the Home Office minister, is expected to tell MPs that by the end of March, 17 of the 44 recommendations will have been implemented. A handful of the measures which have been overtaken by new technology are under review.

The CCTV network in the UK is already the largest in the world with the equivalent of one camera for every 12 people. Yet questions have been raised about its effectiveness.
Earlier this year research by the Home Office found that flooding town centres and housing estates with cameras did not have a significant impact on crime. In one city, it only led to increased reporting of offences to the police.

An analysis of 44 research studies found that cameras are at their most effective in reducing car crime in car parks, especially when used alongside improved lighting and the introduction of security guards.
The Campbell Collaboration said CCTV is now the single most heavily-funded crime prevention measure operating outside the criminal justice system, accounting for more than three quarters of spending on crime prevention by the Home Office.

Charles Farrier, a spokesman for campaign group NoCCTV, said the statement on the implementation of the strategy showed that “they are ploughing ahead regardless” of the criticism over the use of CCTV.

But Tom Reeve, editor of CCTV Image magazine, said: “CCTV is very effective to police to investigate crimes, even when the images not crystal clear. They lead to other avenues of investigation

original article:

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The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals

COMMON HALL is on MONDAY 23RD NOVEMBER 2009 at JP Morgan, 60 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0JP

Common Hall is your chance to learn more about the Livery Company you have chosen to join: a modern Company with strong links to the past and great plans for the future.

Following the meeting of the Court in the Library at JP Morgan’s stunning London headquarters, there will be ceremonies in The Great Hall to admit Members to the Freedom of the Company and to robe Freemen in the Livery of the Company.

The Master, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Chairmen of the Standing Committees will then give short presentations on the activities and achievements of the Company in the past 12 months and look ahead to the challenges and goals in the coming year.

Alderman and Sheriff David Wootton has kindly agreed to attend and will present the Commendation Certificates to those nominated for the Sheriffs’ Awards. These prestigious Awards are respected throughout the City of London and “blue light” agencies across the country now take part.

Common Hall then finishes with a Reception and the opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new friends over a few glasses of wine and beer - and some truly delicious canap├ęs!

The Master, Wardens and Court would like all Members of the Company to attend and support Common Hall.

There is no charge. This is a free event!

It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to invite a prospective member along to see the Company at first hand.


For security and catering reasons only those who book in advance will be admitted.

Please email the Clerk at to reserve your place(s).

SecurityMiddleEast Latest News | Events Conferences

SecurityMiddleEast Latest News | Events Conferences

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Forecast: 200% Growth IP Video Surveillance 2010-2012

Over the next 3 years, attacks against analog CCTV will accelerate on all sides. We forecast IP video surveillance product sales will increase by 200% total between 2010 and 2012, significantly disrupting and overtaking analog CCTV sales.

We are now bullish on the growth of IP video driven by recent widespread advances in product offering and pricing.

Why Now?

Last year, we projected a significant slowdown in IP video spending as the global economic markets imploded. This slowdown certainly occurred, documented in the deteriorated financial performance of most leading video surveillance companies.

However, in the last year, important advances in new products offered by both up-start and incumbent manufacturers have significantly enhanced the competitiveness of IP video.

What's Driving This Growth

We see 5 main drives behind this projected rapid growth:

Mainstream 720p/1.3MP cameras cut into the cost advantage of analog cameras
Mainstream hybrid DVRs remove the barriers of legacy deployments to migrate to IP
Emerging managed/hosted video undermines analog's advantages in small deployments
Emerging panoramic cameras further cut the cost advantage of analog cameras
Maturing IP camera standards will cut costs and reduce complexity

In 2009, significant advances have occurred in all of these areas.

Where Does this Projection Come from?

This is our theory based on non-public information we have gathered from over 100 sources on sales, product roadmaps and trends. It assumes weak economic growth over the 3 year period, limited overall growth in video surveillance and no major terrorist actions. A V-shaped recovery and/or terrorist events could enable the market to exceed this projection. A double dip secondary recession or growth of HDcctv could cause the market to underperform this projection.

What Does this Projection Mean?

We believe IP video growth will significantly outperform current industry expectations of 25 - 35% annual growth. While forecasting the future in a period of economic turmoil is more art than science, we are confident that IP video will gain the upper hand in general commercial deployments during this period.

Inside this report, we examine in-depth the factors driving this growth and the impact this is likely to have on industry participants.


2010 Video Surveillance Industry Guide Released

2010 Video Surveillance Industry Guide Released

Security Media Video Playlist | Embedr

Security Media Video Playlist | Embedr

Security Media video room

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Friday, 30 October 2009

Bosch’s innovative spirit keeps it ahead of the field in CCTV

Bosch Security Systems continues its clear market leadership in CCTV within the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region

That’s the result of the latest report on the EMEA CCTV market by IMS Research.

IMS places the company at number one in CCTV and video surveillance equipment with a market share of 9.1%, more than 3% up on its nearest competitor, and number one in video encoders with a market share of 19.4%, nearly 10% up on the nearest competitor.

The recent acquisition of Extreme CCTV is expected to further extend the company’s lead with a new range of products able to target niche and vertical markets.

These results confirm Bosch’s own expectations based on the company’s sales results in the CCTV market, and follow in the wake of a host of innovations recently introduced by the company. These include the new wide dynamic range Dinion 2X 20-bit camera, the IP Camera 200 Series, Release 4 of Bosch’s powerful Intelligent Video Analysis software, the Aegis Superled, infrared illuminator, the GVS 1000 long-range active infrared imaging system and release 2.5 of the Divar XF Hybrid H.264 Recorder. The company has also introduced a major new firmware release for its IP Video products, which supports the recently introduced Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard.

According to Coen Rooijmans, senior Vice President EMEA, Bosch Security Systems plans to further expand its CCTV market share by continuously adding to this range of innovative products and by further expanding its sales, support and training activities.
He said: "Just having a catalogue is not enough. Our customers expect excellent training and support as well, which is why we have training facilities in almost all countries in EMEA"

For more information visit

Thanks to CCTViNFO.COM - for the article

CCTV User Group 2009 conference by Security Media Publishing

CCTV User Group 2009 conference from Security Media Publishing

CCTV User Group 2009 conference.
Four Pillars Hotel - Cotswolds

Networking event for end-users and commercial members of the User Group to meet and discuss HOT Topics

Thursday, 29 October 2009

CCTV and Surveillance Programme at CTX 2010

­­­­­­­CCTV & Surveillance – Media Sponsor: Security Media Publishing – Day 1

1350 - 1355 Chairperson Opening, Mr Tom Reeve, Editor, CCTV Image

1355 – 1415 Understanding Video Analytics

· What is it

· How does it work

· What is it good at and what is it not good at?

· What does the future hold?

Mr Geoff Thiel, CEO, VCA Technology

1415 – 1435 Cobham Surveillance

1435 – 1455 Wireless & Blue Tooth Surveillance – Meeting the Challenge!

· Intelligence Gathering

· Smart Phones, Smart Networks, SMART VILLANS!

· Using WiFi technology to fill in the gaps

· Blue Tooth surveillance can defeat the security of Skype

Mr Jim Pates, Managing Director, Airtrace

1455 – 1515 Protection of critical infrastructure with infrared imaging

· Thermal and non thermal infrared imaging

· Choosing the right wavelength for the situation

· Results of Belcoast : NATO demonstration defence against terrorism

Mr Martin Ghillemyn, Application Manager, Xenics

1515 – 1535 Gamma TSE

1535 - 1555 Panoptec

1555 – 1615 Mobotix

1615 – 1635 Tellemachus

1635 – 1655 Panasonic / Security Media Publishing

1655 – 1700 Session Summary and Chairperson Close

SMi’s Counter CBRN Operations conference

Counter CBRN Operations
1st & 2nd February 2010, Marriott Regents Park, London, UK

Secure your place online at

Alternatively call Nicolas Pianet on +44 (0) 20 7827 6728

SMi’s Counter CBRN Operations conference is well timed to provide you with the most up-to-date review of international CBRN Programmes and Operational Experiences. Hear from key nations and organisations including, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and NATO.

Hear the latest updates from international counter-proliferation centres and assess the latest operational case studies from the United States Navy and Interpol.

Our exceptional 2010 programme includes keynote addresses from:

* Chief Superintendent Andrew Sigsworth, Head, Lead Police Operational Support Plan, Police National CBRN Centre, UK
* Bill Puttmann, Expert Civil and Military Coordination, Weapons of Mass Destruction Centre, NATO
* Colonel Dave Williams, Medical Systems Joint Project Manager, Joint Programme Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defence, USA
* Captain Michael Collins, Deputy Commander, Joint Task Force Civil Support, United States Navy

To view the full speaker line-up, please visit our website at:

PLUS Remploy’s interactive workshop also available on 3rd February:

Achieving Multi-Agency Cooperation in the Case of a CBRN Emergency

Attend this fully interactive half-day workshop where you will have the opportunity to receive advice on best practice gained from operational experiences. Discuss multi-agency cooperation and interoperability for coordinating an effective CBRN response.


* Secure your place by 30th October 2009 & save £200 *

* Discounted rates also available for the Public Sector, First Responders, Government & Serving Military *

Secure your place online at by visiting -

Alternatively contact Nicolas Pianet on tel: +44 (0) 20 7827 6728 / email:

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Arabic translation for security middle east site

Security Middle East website - now has full Google translate feature.
also will see that there is a message box and all other features running fine
dont forget to register for newsletter.

back soon with more news..

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HDcctv Alliance and SMPTE Partner to Bring True HDTV to the Security Market; The Simplicity of Analog with the Benefits of Digital

>> video link here <<

Sydney, Australia, (PRWEB) October 14, 2009 -- The HDcctv Alliance™, the consortium managing worldwide technical standards for security equipment interoperability, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the organization that manages worldwide technical standards for motion imaging including HDTV, today announced that the Alliance is permitted to re-use key parts of the SMPTE HDTV standards specifications. This license agreement formalizes a relationship that has greatly accelerated the development of the HDcctv Specification v1.0, currently being put before the HDcctv Alliance's Board of Directors for ratification.

Through a process consuming hundreds of man-years of effort, SMPTE has developed standards for transmitting unadulterated HDTV signals directly over coaxial cable. These standards, collectively known as HD-SDI, are technically proven in the broadcast HDTV market providing seamless interoperability and over a decade of faultless 24-7 broadcast television operation. Most broadcast studio equipment relies on HD-SDI connectivity for all stages of program creation and delivery.

The HD-SDI specification is defined in an extensive collection of SMPTE documents covering transmission of 720p and 1080p formats, among others, at data rates around 1.5Gb/s. Under the license agreement, the HDcctv Alliance was able to quickly develop v1.0 of its specification by directly reproducing many of the key technologies and requirements of HD-SDI, while adding new capabilities unique to the surveillance industry. Subsequent versions of the HDcctv specification will build on the HD-SDI specification to provide for advanced features, such as up-the-cable control, bi-directional audio, and up-the-cable power.

"HDcctv delivers the high-resolution clarity of HDTV in the CCTV environment, re-using existing coaxial infrastructure. With upwards of 95% of the installed base of security systems incorporating coaxial cable, HDcctv Alliance equipment based on the SMPTE standards makes upgrading security applications to high resolution easy and cost effective," said Wendy Aylsworth, VP of Engineering for SMPTE. "By combining efforts, HDcctv Alliance's plug-and-play equipment will be able to deliver high-resolution surveillance video with no jitter, no image artifacts, and no delay. "

"The SMPTE relationship gives a great head start to the HDcctv Alliance," said Todd Rockoff, Executive Director of HDcctv Alliance, "because it enabled us to put together a high-credibility, richly detailed draft Specification in very short order. Because the Alliance is the only SMPTE-licensed body in the security industry, HDcctv is uniquely well positioned to leverage HDTV in high-resolution surveillance solutions."

"SMPTE's affiliation with the HDcctv Alliance is strategically significant," said Peter Symes, Director of Standards and Engineering for SMPTE. "The SMPTE standards structure includes one technology committee for each unique delivery system. We already have committees addressing film, digital cinema, television, and broadband. If in the future the HDcctv Alliance decides that the security industry would benefit from SMPTE-managed standards, SMPTE could consider forming a video surveillance committee, and the HDcctv Specification might provide a high-value starting point."

HDcctv Alliance is open for membership sign up at Alliance Members can log into the Website and gain access to non-public Alliance information. Only Adopting and Voting Members have access to the HDcctv Interoperability Specification v1.0. The Alliance's membership, drawn from component and equipment manufacturers worldwide, includes

  • Adopting and Voting Members CSST,
  • Gennum,
  • Stretch,
  • AltaSens,
  • blueCaps,
  • Comart,
  • COP UK,
  • EverFocus,
  • OmniVision,
  • Ovii,
  • and Pixim.

HDcctv offers several advantages for the end user, compared to alternative ways of achieving high resolution, including:

  • Surveillance-Grade Reliability -- Video is not broken up into packets and then transmitted via an occasionally congested network
  • Plug-and-Play Resolution Upgrade -- The transition from CCTV to HDcctv is very easy: just upgrade the DVR and selected cameras
  • Familiar and Reliable User Interface -- For the installer/operator, the only difference between HDcctv and CCTV is that the DVR recording configuration screens have both HD and SD resolution
  • True HDTV Live View -- Not compressed or packetized
    Real-Time Speed Dome Control -- No signal delays between a joystick command and the corresponding speed dome
  • Best Possible Input Format for Analytics -- Digitally delivers crisp, unadulterated video from cameras to DVR Semiconductor technology advances enable HDcctv, making all of the following affordable:
  • Sensors capable of capturing surveillance-grade high-resolution images
  • Image processing circuits coupled to (or embedded in) those high-resolution sensors
    HD-SDI transmission technology adapted from broadcast HDTV under license from SMPTE
  • Codecs capable of processing HDTV streams

HDTV display panels (leveraging consumer trends)About HDcctv Alliance™ HDcctv Alliance is a non-profit, global consortium that manages specifications for high-definition closed-circuit television (HDcctv) as open industry standards. The Alliance provides education on the benefits of HDcctv to the security industry and the end market, as well as promoting industry adoption of HDcctv based on all-digital transmission over coaxial cable of broadcast-industry-standards-compliant serialized uncompressed video.
The Alliance facilitates the development of high-quality interoperable HDcctv devices through its logo and compliance program and promotes the benefits of HDcctv and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing. Further information, including postings of the most recent product and technology announcements, is available by visiting the HDcctv Alliance Web site at Detailed information about the HDcctv Specification is available only to members on the Alliance's Website.

HDcctv and the HDcctv logos are trademarks of the HDcctv Alliance.

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Milestone Systems' Partners - Open Platform day

Tuesday 6th Oct 09
Milestone Conference at the Aurora hotel - Heathrow

in this picture - i don't think anyone has noticed Courtneys new legs !

On the day there were presentations by :
CEO - Laars Thingaard
Sales Dir. - Laurence De Guzman
UK Mgr. - Glenn Fletcher

A fantastic conference delivering all the values of integration to the security installer.

we shot a video of the event and we will put it up soon for all to see

Monday, 12 October 2009

new EMC services and solutions.


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You are invited to attend to the British Exhibition of Security Technology

BEST London 2009

Opening Times
Tuesday 27th October 9am-7pm
Wednesday 28th October 9am-5pm
Pre-Register Online @

Drinks and food provided, FREE bar available.
This exhibition comprises of independent British
manufacturers of high technology security equipment.
As this is a small exhibition, there will be plenty of time and
space to discuss your potential requirements and test the
equipment that is on display, unlike most other exhibitions!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Worshipful Company of Security Professionals

9 Montague Close, London Bridge, London SE1 9DD

On Tuesday, 13 October 2009 the Company will hold its Annual Dinner at Glaziers’ Hall. At the Dinner, the Company will present for the third time its Annual Sheriffs’ Award, which recognises a person who by their courage has protected people, property or liberty. For the first time this year we will also be awarding a Sheriffs’ Community Award.

Alderman and Sheriff David Wootton and Sheriff Peter Cook will attend. Other luminaries of the City have been invited, together with Masters of Worshipful Companies and representatives of our military affiliations.

Our Master, Stephen Parsons, invites all Members and their guests to enjoy an excellent evening, starting with a Champagne Reception in the River Room with the spectacular view through its five arches across the City. The Hall adjoins London Bridge and the infamous Nancy Steps, made famous by Charles Dickens in his novel Oliver Twist.

Tickets are £110 each – the same as last year. Dinner is inclusive of wine and port. Dress is Black Tie and miniature medals. It is recommended you book early to avoid disappointment as space is limited.
Reception 6.30 pm
Dinner 7.15 pm
Carriages 10.30 pm

Supported by:

Please send your cheque with your request for tickets to:

The Clerk
8 Palace Mews
London SW6 7TQ

Tel: 020 7385 6533

The 3rd annual Aviation Outlook MENA 2010 will bring together the key stakeholders in the region’s aviation industry.

The Middle East's annual meeting for global aviation sector
Aviation Outlook MENA 2010 offers the opportunity to gain expert insight, network and strategise with aviation experts from around the world and in particular the Middle East and North Africa.

The 3rd annual Aviation Outlook MENA 2010 will bring together the key stakeholders in the region’s aviation industry.
As airlines re-shape their business models to react to weakening global demand and increased competition from LCC’s there is a greater need than ever to share knowledge and develop best practise strategic and operational disciplines.
Aviation Outlook MENA is the place to demonstrate your capability and present you offering as the solution that enables airlines to become more profitable and competitive.
A new format for 2010 will further enhance the events position and the must attend aviation event in the Middle EastTwo events in one place at once time for one investmentThe new format which brings together the regions two leading events in one place at one time which means that with one investment of your time and budget you get double the value!

The event at a glance:

As the industry reacts to weakening demand the Middle East remains the true bright spot and the biggest opportunity to you to organisations that sell and market your solutions to them.Aviation Outlook MENA is the place to meet with and present your offering to the worlds most profitable and expansive airlines. Keynote presentations that sponsors will be invited to make will include:
Manufacturers Outlook- The fleet as the backbone of your network and capacity planning strategy
Emerging technologies that generate ancillary revenue
Sales and Distribution strategies- Achieving growth through the optimal distribution mix
Dynamic packaging and ancillary revenue strategies to offset weakening demands and yields
Deploying emerging technologies to achieve a more efficient and environmentally responsible airspace.

Contact Matthew Wallhead today on +971 4 709 4524 or email to secure you participation
» Download partnership prospectus

Friday, 25 September 2009

The 3rd Algeria Fire, Safety & Security Expo on November 3-5, 2009,

The 3rd Algeria Fire, Safety & Security Expo on November 3-5, 2009,
We invite you to join more than 100 Exhibitors from more than 24 countries, who will be showcasing and exhibiting their latest fire, safety and security products to the most important market in North Africa.
Algeria's economy is expected to grow at a healthy rate of 3-5% over the next several years based on steady oil and gas revenues and government spending plans. Algeria is a founding member of OPEC and is currently the world's 10th largest oil producer at around 1.7 million barrels per day. Algeria is also a major exporter of natural gas and it benefits greatly from its proximity to rich European markets across the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria has accumulated $200 billion in sovereign reserves - more than any other country in the region including Saudi Arabia and the UAE - and it is embarking on an ambitious and multifaceted $165 billion infrastructure development program which offers good opportunities for firms in a variety of sectors.
The construction boom in Algeria is every where and the government has promised to build more than 2 million housing units in the next 2 years. As a matter of fact some observers are calling Algeria the Dubai of North Africa.

Reserve your booth now by completing an exhibit space form by visiting:
Book your space now in order to choose your own booth as the
good places are being reserved on first-come, first-served basis.
Please call me today or email me at

This is the event where you will be able to meet every important importers, wholesalers or distributors in the electricity and water industry. This is where you will be able to appoint the right agent and start exporting to this important emerging market.

CONSEC 2009 - The Association of Security Consultants Annual Conference 5th November 2009

Strategic Security for the 21st Century

Peter Clarke, former Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations for the Metropolitan Police, has accepted an invitation to again Chair the Association of Security Consultants’ (ASC) annual international conference/exhibition, CONSEC, which this year will be held on Thursday 05 November 2009 at the excellent facilities of the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon.

The theme for CONSEC 2009 will be “Strategic Security for the 21st Century”. Mr. Clarke will introduce a number of eminent speakers, including Sir Hugh Orde, currently Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, who by that time will have taken up his new role as President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).Other high profile speakers at the event include Peter Drissell, Departmental Security Officer for the Home Office; Charles Farr, Director General, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism; Andy Blackwell, Head of Security, Virgin Atlantic; Simon Trundle, bomb blast specialist; Jack Case of the USA-based International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC).

There will also be an update on the latest vehicle borne threats and countermeasures.Major sponsor for the conference will be Lenel Systems International Inc., and they will be joined by other sponsors including TDSi, Salto, Nedap, Vicon and Meyertech, The media partner will be Professional Security Magazine.The event will be of interest, not only to Security Professionals, but also to leaders in Government, Industry and Commerce.

To register or obtain more details contact the Secretary, Association of Security Consultants.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Video Surveillance Industry Weekly - courtesy IP Video Market .info

Lots of news and updates this week: Cisco, ACTi, Vivotek, Cernium, Pivot3 and more. The following list aggregates all the 17 analysis updates posted this week. Links connect to the individual updates or read all of the updates aggregated below.
Video Surveillance: Problems in Designing Public Surveillance Systems
VIVOTEK: Revenue Drops Significantly
Pivot3: New Product - ServerBank Review
GE Security: Is GE's Fire Division its Real Strength?
ACTi: To Stop On-Line Sales From Undercutting Dealers
Cernium: Selling through Retail Stores
Video Analytics: Vendor on Limitations and Cost of Video Analytics
Video-Inform's Video Analytics Examined
IndigoVision: Strong Growth 1st Half 2009
Statistics: Risks in Projecting Future Sales Growth
Startup NLSS Hires Axis Director
Convergence: ASIS Security Systems Certificate Examined
Cisco: Targeting US Stimulus Funds for Transportation Deployments
Statistics: Weak Growth for Large IP Camera Manufacturers
Statistics: Analog CCTV Manufacturer's Revenue Shrinking
IVR Controls Hosted Video Company Overview
GE Security: GE Security has Deep Problems - Community Consensus
Statistics: Integrators Survey Results on Increasing Sales/Revenue

thanks to John Honovich of IPVIDEOMARKET.INFO

Direct Response Security - New website

Direct Response Security have Over 10,000 happy customers now benefit from Direct Response Alarm protection of their home, family and possessions.
Their clients benefit from the knowledge that a Direct Response Monitored Alarm System provides 24 hour, 365 days a year protection for them , their family and their property.
Now is the time to ensure your family and belongings are secure.

Be Safe, Be Smart, it's easy -

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Downturn Dampens Video Surveillance Market Growth Expectations in 2009

Despite the impact of the economic downturn, IMS Research’s latest report, 'The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment ~ 2009 Edition' forecasts that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by 3% in 2009

IMS Research analyst Gary Wong says: "Clearly the economic downturn has disrupted historical growth trends within the global video surveillance market. In the last IMS Research market update released in February, global video surveillance equipment revenues were expected to grow by 6% in 2009. A more sustained and deeper recession has led us to cut the forecast to 3%"

More mature markets in Western Europe are forecast to be most affected by the economic downturn in 2009; with video surveillance equipment revenues expected to decline by nearly 7%. The large decrease in growth in countries such as the UK and Spain reflects the dire state of their respective economies.

The Americas video surveillance equipment market is forecast to grow in 2009, albeit at a lower rate than in previous years. Despite being the nucleus of the economic downturn, the demand for video surveillance equipment in the Americas is expected to remain comparatively strong in 2009, buoyed by government investment and the emerging trickle-down from financial stimuli.

Furthermore, investment in verticals such as education and transportation is still strong in 2009 - installation of video surveillance is perceived to be a necessary expenditure in these markets. Likewise, the transition from analogue video surveillance to higher value network video surveillance in the Americas is driving growth in 2009. The Americas network video surveillance market is forecast to grow at over four times the rate of the network video surveillance market in EMEA in 2009.
The economies of Asian countries (excluding Japan and Singapore) have generally been less affected by the economic downturn and, as a result of this, investment in video surveillance equipment has remained strong. IMS Research forecasts that Asia will be the fastest growing regional market for video surveillance globally, primarily driven by the sustained demand for video surveillance in China. If Japan is excluded from the Asian market, revenue growth in the region will likely exceed 13% in 2009.

Lower sales and new technologies are also re-shaping the competitive arena. Dominant players are finding their market share eroded by emerging players who can offer innovative technologies, better product support, or the same products at lower prices. IMS Research forecasts significant variation in the market ecosystem over the next 18 months – vendors, distributors, installers, integrators and end-users should prepare themselves for change.

In summary, whilst relatively modest global growth is forecast for 2009, IMS Research projects that the global video surveillance market will begin to recover in the later stages of 2010. Improving economies, the transition to IP and emerging markets are all vital ingredients to the recovery.

The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment ~ 2009 Edition analyses and discusses the impact of the economic downturn in greater detail.

If you would like an interview with an expert in this area, please contact
Simon Harris, Senior Research Director, on

Or call +44 (0)1933 40 22 55

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Global security events listings

IP-in-Action-LIVE USA
Cityplace Conference Center, Dallas, Texas 11 Aug 2009 IP-in-Action LIVE Dallas, a one-day security conference and mini-tradeshow on IP security, covering the latest in surveillance, video analytics, access control and other topics.

International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics 2009
London 07 Sep 2009 The conference aims to bring together diverse community from the academia, industry and government those interested in identifying and understanding security and identity challenges across the globe.

TranSec India Expo 2009

Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India. 07 Sep 2009 to 09 Sep 2009 Services International in collaboration with Niche Events (UK) takes pride in presenting TranSec India Expo, the only Event in India on Transportation Security focusing Aviation, Maritime, Rail and Supply Chain Security sectors

Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh 17 Sep 2009 One Day Seminar/Exhibition Event which offers full programe of educational seminars and exhibition area to see the very latest products. Suitable for security professionals at ALL Levels of Knowledge.

Gov IT 2009 Summit

Renaissance Hotel Brussels, Belgium 21 Sep 2009 to 22 Sep 2009 Gov IT 2009 Summit will address the Government initiatives to effectively secure networks and data of the European Information Society by managing the security aspects of the eGovernment practices.

Safety & Security Asia 2009
Suntec Singapore 30 Sep 2009 to 02 Oct 2009 20 glorious years very well speak of what Safety & Security Asia (SSA) is today-the most established and participant-focused safety & security show in the region not to be missed.

JW Marriott, Dubai, UAE 04 Oct 2009 to 08 Oct 2009 Strategies To Implement During A Recession. The SecureCon event comprises of executive and practitioners in the IAM, Information Security, Access Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection field

InfoProtect 2009 Summit
Dolce La Hulpe Hotel, Brussels - Belgium 05 Oct 2009 to 06 Oct 2009 InfoProtect 2009 will identify the most innovative technologies in the market to combat deadly IT Security threats and discuss the constantly adaptive and evolving threats that face every organization

ISSE 2009 (Information Security Solutions Europe)

The Hague, The Netherlands 06 Oct 2009 to 08 Oct 2009 ISSE is designed to educate and inform ICT security professionals, policy makers, and industry leaders on the latest developments in technology, solutions, market trends and best practice.

IP Expo
Earls Court, London 07 Oct 2009 to 08 Oct 2009 IP' Expo is the UK’s no.1 event for next-gen IP Infrastructure, Virtualisation & Cloud Computing. Visitors can browse over 500 products, meet over 100 vendors & access over 160 FREE seminar sessions.

INDESEC Expo 2009

Pragati Maida, New Delhi, India 11 Oct 2009 to 13 Oct 2009 India's only integrated homeland security and defence systems event – provides the opportunity for Indian and international companies to promote their homeland security solutions to Indian government

2009 Global Oil & Gas Energy Security Interactive Technology Workshop
Four Seasons Resort, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt 11 Oct 2009 to 13 Oct 2009 This event focuses on the most up-to-date technical approaches and novel methodologies in making companies re-evaluate their processes and implementation and procedures for security.

3rd Annual Chief Security Officer Summit 2009
Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona 14 Oct 2009 to 16 Oct 2009 The unique event for security directors from business & government: Managing Security in Line with Business & Economic Realities

RSA Conference Europe 2009
London 20 Oct 2009 to 22 Oct 2009 Join us for the most comprehensive forum in information security. 100 + sessions presented by leading security experts, 40 Exhibitors, 24 Special Interest Groups and networking events.

Urban Security Forum Shanghai 2009
Shanghai 22 Oct 2009 to 23 Oct 2009 China’s BIGGEST public security conference inspiring you with unique business know-how and intelligence will be held on October 22nd-23rd in Shanghai, China.

The 4th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
UK 09 Nov 2009 to 12 Nov 2009 The ICITST is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of secured Internet transactions and to fostering discussions on information technology evolution.

SIDR 2009
SHANGHAI GUANGDA EXHIBITION CENTER 13 Nov 2009 to 15 Nov 2009 SIDR 2009, organized by SIAE, builds the ideal platform for generating sales leads and networking activities with strong government and association support.

Shanghai International Disaster Reduction, Emergency Management Technology&Equipment Fair 2009
Shanghai,China 13 Nov 2009 to 15 Nov 2009 SIDR2009, organized by SIAE, builds the ideal platform for generating sales leads and networking activities with strong government and association support.

IP-in-Action-LIVE USA
Atlanta, USA 17 Nov 2009 Quarterly one-day Technology Event designed to educate Installers, Integrators, End Users and others on the processes associated with IP and Networked Security Solutions.

Bedford, Milton Keynes 03 Dec 2009 One Day Seminar/Exhibition Event which offers full programme of educational seminars and exhibition area to see the very latest products. Suitable for security professionals at ALL Levels of Knowledge.

IIPSEC 20ten
Cranmore Park, Solihull 03 Feb 2010 to 05 Feb 2010 The International IP in Security Exhibition and Conference, the only event in the world dedicated to Network Centric Physical Security and Life Safety Technologies.

Counter Terror Expo 2010
Olympia, London 14 Apr 2010 to 15 Apr 2010 The premier event focusing on the international threat of terrorism and what can done to tackle the threats and strengthen state security.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Certificate in Terrorism Studies - Advanced education through e-learning

100% online - Enrolling Now.
Commences 1st September in 2009

Further intakes commence
18th January 2010
5th May 2010

Advance registrations being accepted

This 16 week course is delivered totally online and has intakes three times a year. It is available in any time zone and on demand whenever it is convenient for you to study. After completing the core module, a range of elective modules are available which allow participants to study the facets most relevant to their own interests. Participants choose three of these modules to qualify for the Certificate, although they can also be studied individually. - further details at

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Big Curry event - Army Benevolent fund

Michael would like to invite you and the WCoSP members to join us and participate in the BIG CURRY event taking place at Gratte Brothers Group Head Office staff restaurant “The Waterside” on THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER between 1:30 – 3:00 pm.

As you may already be aware this event stems from the huge success of the first Lord Mayor’s Curry Lunch established in 2008 to raise money and support Soldiers, Veterans and their families with profits from the inaugural event going directly to the Current Operations Fund which was set up specifically to help those affected by the recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the future.

Now everyone can also take part simply by coming to our BIG CURRY lunch event and raise money for the ARMY BENEVOLENT FUND with monies going to help the soldiers and their families affected by the Current Conflicts.

For £10 you will be able to sample all the delicious Indian fare listed on the attached menu (subject to change) washed down with a refreshing bottle of beer or soft drink. From the monies raised our sponsor Leeming Pilkington Ltd who runs the staff restaurant has kindly pledged to match the money raised on the day to the Army Benevolent Fund.

We hope you can make it to our luncheon on the 24th September and join us in a sociable environment and be part of a worthwhile cause.

Please can you RSVP directly to me or Michael Trott by close of play on Friday 18th September so we can have the final numbers for the restaurant.

We hope you can join us!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

CCTV Media new website launch

Welcome to the new-look CCTV Media website
CCTV Media Ltd is a leading provider of specialised business-to-business magazines and new media platforms to the global security industry. We pride ourselves on having assembled a world class team of editors, journalists and designers to maintain our reputation as one of the premier media providers working in the security sector today.

We are continually evolving our media portfolio to address the needs of our clients in an ever changing and challenging global security environment, we offer an unrivalled selection of high quality media platforms targeted at security professionals across all market sectors enabling you to reach decision makers in multiple sectors with a coordinated campaign.

Our dedicated and experienced team have an unparalleled knowledge of the security market and are committed to providing the best media solutions available, whether that is through our print media or new media solutions you can be sure that we will deliver to your requirements and beyond.
Our Portfolio of Products and Services as follows:
Print Media:
CCTV Image - magazine secureview - magazine Retail Fraud - magazine The Security Review - magazine

New Media:
Business Services:
Market Analysis Reports, Strategic Planning and Marketing Services, Corporate Business Development, Telemarketing, Event Management

Video Production:
Info-mercials Product Demos Event Filming

Download the CCTV Media Media Pack

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

secureview 05 - Irish security news : August 09

secureview 05 - is available for download

The first half of 2009 is already behind us and, as predicted, it has not been easy for the business community including the security industry. Unfortunately, indications are that we are in this recession for the long haul. The ISIA will continue to support and advise our members and do all we can to make life easier.

Cutting Costs

Costs are one of the biggest factors which all businesses are dealing with at the moment and everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs where possible. In the ISIA, we recognise this and have developed a range of Business Affiliate relationships which are delivering substantial costs savings to members. Two member companies saved €3500 and €10,000 respectively on the cost of their death in service insurance through the discounted scheme we have negotiated with

Additionally, another member company knocked 50% of the cost of his fleet insurance, again through These are substantial savings and I would encourage all members to look at what our business affiliate members can offer.

Additionally, if businesses are looking at reducing costs through restructuring or downsizing, we have two business affiliates, Peninsula Business Services and Clarigen, who are experts in this field and can provide professional advice in these areas.

Guarding division

The big focus for the guarding division at the moment is the negotiations on the next ERO. Alan Durnan, the chairman of the guarding division, has held meetings with members in Cork and Portlaoise during which the ERO was discussed. Alan and our JLC Committee now have a clear indication as to what our members are hoping for from the next ERO.


The Cash-in-transit division met with the Private Security Authority recently with a view to finalising the outstanding issues surrounding licensing of this sector. A further meeting is planned shortly.

Unlicensed operators

There would appear to be a growing disquiet among the security industry with regard to the PSA, in particular on the issue of enforcement and unlicensed operators. As margins are squeezed even further by clients, it would seem that legitimate security providers feel that they can no longer tolerate unlicensed operators under-cutting them and unlawfully taking business from them.

The ISIA conducted a survey in 2007 on the whole issue of licensing which indicated that while 98 per cent of the industry felt that regulation was a positive step, 80 per cent felt that there were still unlicensed operators trading in the industry and 74 per cent felt that not enough was being done to enforce and police unlicensed operators.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Latest edition of CCTV Image magazine

For your viewing pleasure -
the Summer edition of CCTV Image is here.

Please click >> this link <<
enjoy your read - and please contact the team if you wish to be included in the next edition.
Best Regards
CCTV Media team

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Junior school defends toilet CCTV

A junior school head teacher has defended the use of CCTV in toilet blocks in an effort to deter vandals.

Len Holman, from Angel Road Junior School in Norwich, said pupils had asked for the cameras to protect refurbished toilet blocks.

But the human rights organisation Liberty condemned the measure.

Its director Shami Chakrabarti said the cameras would only serve to prepare children for "a lifetime of pretty intrusive surveillance".

Link to piece at BBC News

UK Threat Level Lowered

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has changed the UK threat level from international terrorism from SEVERE to SUBSTANTIAL.
The current threat level means that the threat of a terrorist attack remains a strong possibility and may occur without warning.
The Home Secretary said in a statement: "The change in the threat level to substantial does not mean the overall threat has gone away ~ there remains a real and serious threat against the United Kingdom and I would ask that the public remain vigilant"For more information on the change of the threat level, see the Home Office's press release Terrorism threat level changed.To find out more about the UK's threat level system, see Threat Levels on the Security Service's website.

Electronic Security Systems - Global Strategic Business Report

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., March 2008, Pages: 492

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Electronic Security Systems in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are

  • Alarms,
  • Electronic Access Control Systems,
  • CTV/Video Surveillance Equipment,
  • and Others.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World.

Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2000 through 2015.

The report profiles 297 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as

  • - Aiphone Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • - ASSA-ABLOY AB (Sweden)
  • - Axis Communications (Sweden)
  • - BIO-key International, Inc. (USA)
  • - Bosch Security Systems (Germany)
  • - Cantronic Systems Inc. (US)
  • - Chubb Plc (UK)
  • - Chubb Securite S.A.S (France)9
  • - Chubb Security Systems (Canada)9
  • - Cieffe srl (Italy)9
  • - Diebold Inc (US)9
  • - DigitalPersona Inc (USA)9

  • - GE Security (USA)
  • - Global Security Solutions (Canada)
  • - Guardian Protection Services, Inc. (US)
  • - Gunnebo AB (Sweden)
  • - Hirsch Electronics Corp.(USA)
  • - Honeywell Access Systems (USA)
  • - Honeywell Security (US)
  • - Honeywell Video Systems (US)
  • - Huviron Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • - Ingersoll Rand Recognition Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • - Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (US)
  • - International Electronics, Inc. (USA)
  • - Kaba Group (Switzerland)
  • - L- Identity Solutions (USA)
  • - March Networks Corporation (Canada)
  • - Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic) (Japan)
  • - Motorola (USA)
  • - Printrak International, Inc. (USA)
  • - NAPCO Security Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • - Netversant Solutions (US)
  • - NICE-Systems, Ltd. (Israel)
  • - PAC International Ltd (UK)
  • - Pelco (US)
  • - Prosegur Cia de Seguridad (Spain)
  • - SAFLINK Corporation (USA)
  • - SAFRAN Group (France)
  • - Secom Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • - SectorGuard PLC (UK)
  • - SecuGen Corporation (USA)
  • - Securitas Direct AB (Sweden)
  • - Securitas Systems AB (Sweden)
  • - Sentex Systems (USA)
  • - Siemens AG (Germany)9
  • - Siemens Building Technology (Switzerland)9
  • - Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. (USA)9
  • - Bewator Ltd (Sweden)9
  • - Sony Corporation (Japan)
  • - Tyco International Ltd. (Bermuda)
  • - ADT Security Services (US)
  • - Tyco Fire & Security (US)
  • - United Technologies Corporation. (USA)
  • - UTC Fire & Security- Vicon Industries, Inc (US)
  • - Yoko Technology Corp. (Taiwan)

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

'No more CCTV', cries top CCTV cop

The man in charge of the Met's CCTV unit has criticised the way police use surveillance and called for no more cameras to be installed.
Detective Chief Inspector Mike Neville said footage from cameras was often not used because forces do not have systems or staff to retrieve images. He added that serious crime that could be solved by CCTV was not, because of poorly targeted investment

In February a Lords committee warned that the expansion of CCTV and other surveillance threatened personal freedoms.

As if to underline Britain's status as the West's most monitored society, the BBC's Freedom of Information requests showed that authorities on the Shetland Islands have more CCTV cameras than the San Francisco Police Department.

Full story at The Register

Monday, 20 July 2009

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP - NEW REPORT Israel’s Religious Right and the Question of Settlements

the latest report from the International Crisis Group, warns against underestimating the importance of a growing political and social phenomenon that, if ignored, could undermine a sustainable Israeli-Palestinian peace. Israel is facing arguably unprecedented pressure to halt all settlement activity, led by a new and surprisingly determined U.S. administration. But the settlement issue has been transformed in recent years by shifting domestic dynamics, as national-religious and ultra-orthodox Israelis have gained influence and leverage. Entrenched in many West Bank settlements, they benefit from demographic trends: Israel’s army is increasingly dependent on their manpower and politicians on their votes.

“The religious right has assumed an ever more prominent role in opposing territorial compromise”, says Nicolas Pelham, a Crisis Group Senior Consultant based in Jerusalem. “It is banking on its support within state institutions to discourage the government from taking action and on its own rank-and-file to ensure that every attempt to evict an outpost or destroy a structure, however insignificant, comes at a heavy price”.

The ultra-orthodox and national-religious camps account for the lion’s share of the 37 per cent increase in the settler population in the past six years. Although not a united bloc, their politicians hold over a fifth of Knesset seats, some 40 per cent of the ruling coalition. In Israel proper, their numbers are growing steadily, and they carry weight far in excess of their numbers. They occupy key positions in the military, government and legal and education sectors, as well as the bureaucracy, and are seeking to strengthen their ability to resist future territorial withdrawals by building up their influence within and without state institutions. Their role and concerns need to be understood if the obstacle settlements pose to a two-state solution is to be removed.

>>Full story here<<

Thursday, 16 July 2009

CCTV Media Video production

CCTV Media Ltd - Video Production

Video provides a unique opportunity to promote your products, services, road shows, seminars and events. CCTV Media has created a division to deliver cutting edge footage that assists business as they endeavour to present their products to market in the best possible manner.
As internet video takes off, companies are increasingly turning to web video to promote their products and services. Until now the cost of a professional video production has been prohibitively high but with our experienced team of expert producers we can deliver cutting edge video footage to you at a very competitive price.

A well produced video will give your company a competitive edge when communicating vital information to your target market; the following are examples of how you can use video to your advantage:

· Demonstrate new products or services.
· Deliver key messages.
· Promote your brand to the market.
· Gain exposure for key personnel.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

CCTV Media would like to announce the launch of a new website

“Delivering Innovation & Global Brands”

CCTV Media would like to announce the launch of a new website, specifically for the Middle-East security market.
This website will bring together the regional security market through a functional and fresh new media, offering opportunities and tools to its members.

::Introduction and hospitality services
::Reporting & Research capability
::Case Studies from region
::Regular Opt-in subscriber newsletter
::Moderated discussion forum
::Complete directory of services and skills locator
::Reference and glossary
::Regional news delivery
::Advertising opportunities

The established CCTV Media brand, covering independent and corporate identities enters the Middle-East to assist the needs for our commercial connections in opening doors for our European clients to penetrate the Middle-East security markets. Our focus is working directly with manufacturers, integrators, and installers to ensure delivery to end-users efficiently.

Contact the team to register your interests and prepare for the Middle East launch

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

CCTV Image blog appears on the web

CCTV Image magazine enter the world of Blogging.
Editor : Tom Reeve, will be bring us the latest editorial from around the globe. -

CCTV Image is the official magazine of the CCTV User Group, an international organisation dedicated to the dessimination of best practice in the operation of CCTV surveillance.

The CCTV User Group represents over 400 distinct organizations and 600 key individuals across the country. CCTV Image has been delivering industry news and information for 2 years, and is the only UK title that is read by every major end-user of CCTV security systems.

CCTV Image is also distributed to subscribers only (non-members), within private and public area CCTV including: security managers of over 800 retail centres, government, military, police, airports, ports, banking, education, large industrial and blue chip companies.

Published by CCTV Media Ltd (which produces for global CCTV markets), CCTV Image is distributed to 7,500 targeted industry readers six times a year - in March, May, June, September, November and December.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Anti Piracy Summit : Washington DC, United States, September 21 - 23, 2009

Benefits of Attending
How do you calculate the cost of piracy?
  • What are can shipping companies can do to defend their ships?
  • What role does government play in protecting shipping interest? What role should it play?
  • What effect does piracy have on world trade?

Get insight to these questions and more at IDGA’s Anti-Piracy Summit September 21- 23 2009.

Get together with thought leaders to shed light on implementing industry insights for procuring technology to help combat pirates. Learn about increased security measures for commercial shipping, as well as identifying the increased role that Navies and Coast Guards have to play in protecting maritime commerce.

further details @

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