Saturday, 5 September 2009

Video Surveillance Industry Weekly - courtesy IP Video Market .info

Lots of news and updates this week: Cisco, ACTi, Vivotek, Cernium, Pivot3 and more. The following list aggregates all the 17 analysis updates posted this week. Links connect to the individual updates or read all of the updates aggregated below.
Video Surveillance: Problems in Designing Public Surveillance Systems
VIVOTEK: Revenue Drops Significantly
Pivot3: New Product - ServerBank Review
GE Security: Is GE's Fire Division its Real Strength?
ACTi: To Stop On-Line Sales From Undercutting Dealers
Cernium: Selling through Retail Stores
Video Analytics: Vendor on Limitations and Cost of Video Analytics
Video-Inform's Video Analytics Examined
IndigoVision: Strong Growth 1st Half 2009
Statistics: Risks in Projecting Future Sales Growth
Startup NLSS Hires Axis Director
Convergence: ASIS Security Systems Certificate Examined
Cisco: Targeting US Stimulus Funds for Transportation Deployments
Statistics: Weak Growth for Large IP Camera Manufacturers
Statistics: Analog CCTV Manufacturer's Revenue Shrinking
IVR Controls Hosted Video Company Overview
GE Security: GE Security has Deep Problems - Community Consensus
Statistics: Integrators Survey Results on Increasing Sales/Revenue

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Downturn Dampens Video Surveillance Market Growth Expectations in 2009

Despite the impact of the economic downturn, IMS Research’s latest report, 'The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment ~ 2009 Edition' forecasts that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by 3% in 2009

IMS Research analyst Gary Wong says: "Clearly the economic downturn has disrupted historical growth trends within the global video surveillance market. In the last IMS Research market update released in February, global video surveillance equipment revenues were expected to grow by 6% in 2009. A more sustained and deeper recession has led us to cut the forecast to 3%"

More mature markets in Western Europe are forecast to be most affected by the economic downturn in 2009; with video surveillance equipment revenues expected to decline by nearly 7%. The large decrease in growth in countries such as the UK and Spain reflects the dire state of their respective economies.

The Americas video surveillance equipment market is forecast to grow in 2009, albeit at a lower rate than in previous years. Despite being the nucleus of the economic downturn, the demand for video surveillance equipment in the Americas is expected to remain comparatively strong in 2009, buoyed by government investment and the emerging trickle-down from financial stimuli.

Furthermore, investment in verticals such as education and transportation is still strong in 2009 - installation of video surveillance is perceived to be a necessary expenditure in these markets. Likewise, the transition from analogue video surveillance to higher value network video surveillance in the Americas is driving growth in 2009. The Americas network video surveillance market is forecast to grow at over four times the rate of the network video surveillance market in EMEA in 2009.
The economies of Asian countries (excluding Japan and Singapore) have generally been less affected by the economic downturn and, as a result of this, investment in video surveillance equipment has remained strong. IMS Research forecasts that Asia will be the fastest growing regional market for video surveillance globally, primarily driven by the sustained demand for video surveillance in China. If Japan is excluded from the Asian market, revenue growth in the region will likely exceed 13% in 2009.

Lower sales and new technologies are also re-shaping the competitive arena. Dominant players are finding their market share eroded by emerging players who can offer innovative technologies, better product support, or the same products at lower prices. IMS Research forecasts significant variation in the market ecosystem over the next 18 months – vendors, distributors, installers, integrators and end-users should prepare themselves for change.

In summary, whilst relatively modest global growth is forecast for 2009, IMS Research projects that the global video surveillance market will begin to recover in the later stages of 2010. Improving economies, the transition to IP and emerging markets are all vital ingredients to the recovery.

The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment ~ 2009 Edition analyses and discusses the impact of the economic downturn in greater detail.

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