Thursday, 9 July 2009

CCTV Media would like to announce the launch of a new website

“Delivering Innovation & Global Brands”

CCTV Media would like to announce the launch of a new website, specifically for the Middle-East security market.
This website will bring together the regional security market through a functional and fresh new media, offering opportunities and tools to its members.

::Introduction and hospitality services
::Reporting & Research capability
::Case Studies from region
::Regular Opt-in subscriber newsletter
::Moderated discussion forum
::Complete directory of services and skills locator
::Reference and glossary
::Regional news delivery
::Advertising opportunities

The established CCTV Media brand, covering independent and corporate identities enters the Middle-East to assist the needs for our commercial connections in opening doors for our European clients to penetrate the Middle-East security markets. Our focus is working directly with manufacturers, integrators, and installers to ensure delivery to end-users efficiently.

Contact the team to register your interests and prepare for the Middle East launch

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

CCTV Image blog appears on the web

CCTV Image magazine enter the world of Blogging.
Editor : Tom Reeve, will be bring us the latest editorial from around the globe. -

CCTV Image is the official magazine of the CCTV User Group, an international organisation dedicated to the dessimination of best practice in the operation of CCTV surveillance.

The CCTV User Group represents over 400 distinct organizations and 600 key individuals across the country. CCTV Image has been delivering industry news and information for 2 years, and is the only UK title that is read by every major end-user of CCTV security systems.

CCTV Image is also distributed to subscribers only (non-members), within private and public area CCTV including: security managers of over 800 retail centres, government, military, police, airports, ports, banking, education, large industrial and blue chip companies.

Published by CCTV Media Ltd (which produces for global CCTV markets), CCTV Image is distributed to 7,500 targeted industry readers six times a year - in March, May, June, September, November and December.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Anti Piracy Summit : Washington DC, United States, September 21 - 23, 2009

Benefits of Attending
How do you calculate the cost of piracy?
  • What are can shipping companies can do to defend their ships?
  • What role does government play in protecting shipping interest? What role should it play?
  • What effect does piracy have on world trade?

Get insight to these questions and more at IDGA’s Anti-Piracy Summit September 21- 23 2009.

Get together with thought leaders to shed light on implementing industry insights for procuring technology to help combat pirates. Learn about increased security measures for commercial shipping, as well as identifying the increased role that Navies and Coast Guards have to play in protecting maritime commerce.

further details @

Aston University Conference Centre, Birmingham, Thursday 30th July 2009

Plustek and Axis Communications invite you to join a half-day network security seminar. Attendees will gain a better understanding of IT within security, trends, issues in the market and current and future practices.

On the day, Plustek and Axis will provide you with an in-depth appreciation of the type of solution available to today's security market.

Further details contact us on 0788 88 44 768

Video Surveillance Training Resources

This report recommends on-line resources that teach the basics on using, selecting and deploying video surveillance. The focus here is on introductory materials that help those new to the video surveillance industry.
How satisfied are you with video surveillance training available?(survey)

The two main challenges in video surveillance training are: (1) there's no school or formal education and (2) most of the resources are from vendors, resulting in material being biased towards their product offerings.
While there are a number of helpful resources, readers should keep these challenges in mind.

Thanks to John Horovich of IP Video Market . info for this news

The full story can found @ : IPVIDEOMARKET

MATE Intelligent Video Partners with Tubular Intelligent Solutions to Provide Video Content Analysis in South Africa.

MATE-Intelligent Video, the technology leader in intelligent video surveillance systems and video analytics announces a new partnership with Tubular Intelligent Solutions - a major security, IT and network systems integrator in South Africa to market, sell and deploy MATE's intelligent video products for pro active video surveillance, behavior recognition, people and vehicle counting.

"There is a real need for intelligent video technology in South Africa. We were impressed with MATE's product offerings and are confident that their solutions will help respond to the security challenges we face." says Dieter Venter, sales director at Tubular Intelligent Solutions.

"Here the situation is different from the US or Israel. In South Africa, we fight crime rather than terror".A recent study from the South African Police Service reported the country to have the sixth highest murder rate in the world. Because of increasing crimes, many middle-class South Africans have moved into gated communities abandoning the central business districts.

Security companies with armed guards are becoming very popular for businesses and many households who seek security from the private sector. MATE's intelligent video solutions provide powerful real-time video content analysis that can detect suspicious events such as: loitering, perimeter intrusion or stolen objects. By automating video monitoring with different behavior recognition rules, MATE's solutions help prevent crime and help officials achieve faster response times in case of an incident.

"We are thrilled to partner and support a well renowned integrator and are looking into new creative ways to deploy our technology to secure cities, schools and businesses" says Aviram Segal, VP of Sales & Marketing at MATE. News Feed Headline Animator