Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 3 @ IFSEC and beyond

The big questions have started to be answered, anybody who knows IFSEC will be aware. That given, the climate, this show could have gone either way. From what appeared to be a slow start on Monday, we've returned to the days that we all enjoy. Good quality people, with real projects and learning about quality products.
Proving to be a focused event, IFSEC is once again the showcase for best-of-breed products.
Having now been round the floor (for a 3rd time!) I am starting to see companies that appear to be offering a product or software that counts. Take a look at ORSUS | MAXXESS | SAMSUNG | MAYFLEX | MERCER | FUJINON | BASLER | FLIR.

Interestingly I notice that BOSCH have no working product on their stand. Bringing a whole new meaning to exhibiting. Working on a logic that you can't judge a product in 10 minutes. Judging by the stand, what could be concieved as a dangerous tactic - appears to be working.

As we move into the last day, the memories of an evening of fine entertainment at yet another quality PELCO event is fresh in my mind. Bumping into faces old and new, to the sound of sweet soul music is just what I needed to give me the boost of energy required to complete the event.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Day two of the show at Birmingham NEC

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and there is a clear feeling of optomism on the floor. Clearly, there's a number of slightly cloudy security professionals walking the aisles, and, I understand how that feels? There is so much business done at the various functions outside of the halls and last night I'm sure was no exception. With cocktails on the Milestone booth, the scene for my evening was set. It was a pleasure to be so well entertained in such good company and to hear only positives from the many partner companies in attendance. Milestone continue to deliver a business model others have tried to replicate but they do it so well, with a co-ordinated approach to technology and partnerships they really are a business that demonstrates joined up thinking. Bumping in to industry faces is always a pleasure and I particually enjoyed hearing from Martijn Kolenbrander of worth a click if you enjoy something new and different. Moving on to part two of the evening and like many others my interest in Cisco got the better of me, and it was with pleasure I was able to learn of the approach to market from Kent Breaux For those in the know, Cisco are already in the frame, for those that don't know, take a look at To name check just a couple of business I got to learn of over a hot wing and a glass of red two companies stood out and
Dallmeier have announced a new range of H.264 cameras coming out in October. Full HD offering 25-50 fps. with a fixed camera range and PTZ dome camera range. Keep an eye on Commenting on the show, James Walker MD. explained "the halls feel comfortable. The traffic level at the stand has been good, with quality people new and old, it's given us the confidence to book space for 2010 without hesitation."
Luis Coello of Axxon was delighted to discuss what has to be one of the largest BMS systems known / over 80,000 cameras! If you can beat than do let me know me know, it would make an interesting Editorial piece! So off to the floor for another day of meeting and greeting and reviewing the many technological developments on offer / if you have something you consider special, let me know and we'll do our best to take a look simply mail with a booth number and we'll do the rest! Have a great day and enjoy what looks like another busy day!,
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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Video Diary : Filmed at IFSEC09, Birmingham NEC . 11th May 09.

CCTV Media bring you some of the latest news, views and thinking from the floor of IFSEC 09.

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mike Newton, Dedicated Micros


Mike Newton, the chief executive officer of Dedicated micros is rubbishing claims that IP network video recorders represent good value for money. He claims the ROI on these systems is far too low. What do you think? Watch the video interview online and let us know.

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